Questions About Us

Shipping Costs?

First you type in the order. Then you type in your name and address. Then you choose the shipping method.  then the computer will figure the shipping costs for you.  If you dont like it, just back out before you type in your credit card info.


Who are you?

We are 4 generations old. Starting in the 1970s.  We have been selling shooting supplies through catalogs, online, and at gun shows ever since.

Are you part of a chain?  I know of another Ammo Depot near me.

No. We tried to copyright the name years ago but there where already several other companies using it.  Now nobody can claim the name for themselves alone so there are Ammo Depots all over the USA and none are related to another.  We will be changing our business name to match our web address soon.

Do you print a catalog?

Not anymore. Everything is online these days.

Do you have a walk-in store? Can I just come by and pick up my order to save shipping costs?

No store but you can pick up orders at the gun shows we do. Be sure to call to verify that we will be at that gun show. There is a $1 fee for this service instead of the normal shipping costs.

Do you sell Primers? Gun Powder? Guns?

We do offer powder and primers at the gun shows but do not have the permits to ship it.  We no longer sell guns. We do not have an FFL.

Do you sell to dealers?

We do have a dealer program. You will need to call and speak to Michael at 618-939-2991 about that one.

I tried to use the “Quick Search” but it brings up too many or too few results.

Make your entry simple.  Instead of typing in “22s for my Winchester Rifle” type in “22 Long Rifle”.  Don’t abbreviate. on your 1st try  Instead of typing in “22LR” type in “22 Long Rifle”. If that doesn’t work then use a common abbriviation. Use “351 WSL” instead of “351 Winchester Self Loader”.  Don’t Misspell. Mispeeled wrds will nott giv u the results u wants. Easier yet is just going to “Our Products” and select the group where your item should be.  If you need 22 Hornet ammo, go to Ammunition and then go to 22 Caliber Centerfire Ammo.


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