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Questions I hear at Gun Shows

These are answers to common issues when talking to the public about their ammunition needs.

“I need some 32s”
There are dozens of 32s. When asking for a caliber of ammunition be specific. For Example: 32 French MAS, 32 Short Colt, 32 Long Colt, 32 Auto, 32 S&W, 32 S&W Long, 32 H&R Magnum, 32 WSL (Winchester Self Loader), 32 Win Special, 32 WCF, and there are more.

“I need some…”
The above 32 question applies to most numbers like 38s, 45s, 44s, 9mm, 30 Cal, and more.

Can I shoot 38s in my 357 ?”
You can shoot 38 Special in a 357 Magnum. Lead bullets will lead your 357 Magnum gun. Jacketed 38 Specials are much cleaner. Note the top question because you can not shoot 38 Colt ammo in a 357 Sig gun. the full name of the cartridge is important.

“Got 9mm bullets?”
A bullet is the projectile that is fired from a gun. Ammunition is an item that includes the bullet, brass, primer, and gun powder. If you need bullets, we will get you bullets but if you want ammo, don’t ask for bullets.

“Do you have 45 Long Colt?”
Well actually there is no such cartridge. Back in cowboy days most people couldn’t read so the boss would hand a man his ammo and say “you shoot the 45 Short” which was actually a 45 Schofield, and the boss would hand the other guy his ammo and say “you shoot the 45 Long” which was the 45 Colt. Since then the 45 Schofield is obsolete (but still sold by us) and the 45 Colt is often still called the 45 Long or 45 Long Colt.

“I see you sell 45 Auto but do you sell 45 ACP ?”
45 ACP is 45 Auto. The ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. Colt invented this cartridge and gets the credit for it. This answer is also good for 25 ACP, 380 ACP, and 38 ACP.

Whats the difference between 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabelum, and 9×19 ?”                       Nothing. Three names for the same cartridge.

“Arn’t 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO the same carttridge?”
No. The newer 5.56 has a much higher pressure and has a slightly different shoulder angle.
Although a 223 can be safely shot in a 5.56 gun you should not shoot the higher pressure 5.56 in your 223 gun. This will do damage and void every warranty out there.

Arn’t 308 Winchester and 7.62×51 NATO different?”                                                         Technically no. They are the same…but… some military guns are designed with longer chambers to make room for dirt and they will often make the brass stronger to hold the pressure better.  There can be a problem if one shoots the higher pressure 308 that has weaker brass in a military gun that has an over sized military chamber.  This can cause a blow-out of the 308 brass and can cause the brass to stick in the military chamber.

When its all said and done: Don’t shoot Commercial 308s in a Military gun that shows 7.62×51 NATO on the barrel.  You should be fine shooting 7.62×51 in a 308 gun.

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